For all instruments, all levels of playing

Improvise with Jelske

Improvise with Jelske offers creative and well-organized workshops that teach you how to improvise on your instrument in complete freedom. From amateur to professional, I’ve got your back!

Laying the foundation

Introduction workshops

Understand what you hear, play what you imagine and discover your own musical voice. Proven strategies for beginners and advanced players.

Diving into the deep

Follow-on workshops

Deepen your understanding of harmony. Discover rhythm as a creative tool. Expand your repertoire and learn more jazz standards. For ambitious musicians.

1-on-1 with Jelske

Private coaching

Intensive private guidance from Jelske during six months. Discover your personal style and learn how to develop your imagination.

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"I have gained a new self-image as a musician"

Through this course I have gained a new self-image as a musician. Boundaries and limiting thinking have been dissolved: I can better recognize, feel and play music. Jelske brings in so many ideas and approaches that it always remains exciting.
Wolfgang Michel
guitar, Germany

"I now feel like a real musician"

This is what proper musicians do! I thought I would never be able to do that as I have spent so many years reading parts. This is a new way of playing for me. Its funny, I now feel like a real musician, like I am not faking it anymore.
Julia Farrants
cello, United Kingdom

"This course has given me so much confidence"

I've always had this phobia about playing improv in public with other instruments or people, I just could not do it. I even struggled to play with backing tracks. This course has taught me so much and given me so much confidence and has inspired me to go further with my music.
Sandy Czerwinski
flute, United States