Feeling the Rhythm

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Self-study course

Started 12 May 2023


10-week online workshop

Develop your rhythmic vocabulary and improvise with more creativity. For all instruments!

Do you often play the same rhythmic patterns when improvising, without any variation?

Would you like to use rhythm to come up with more creative and musical accompaniments?

Are you unable to recognize rhythm in a jamtrack (or a piece of music) and adapt your own playing to it?

Do you lose the beat, groove, feel or sometimes the entire song form when improvising?

Would you like to completely understand swing feel?

Would you like to have a method for practicing rhythm and develop yourself rhythmically?

The difference between 'good enough' or 'great'

Rhythm is an undervalued element in music. We all understand the importance of playing at a steady tempo, but we hardly ever pay attention to the creative possibilities of rhythm and the impact of timing on our playing. What we learned about rhythm when we learned to play our instrument is usually ‘good enough’.

But did you know that with a bit of training you can develop a sense of rhythm that is much better than ‘good enough’? Did you know that the difference between a mediocre musician and a very good musician does not actually have anything to do with the notes they play, but how they play these notes?

In this course you’ll learn how to connect with the pulse of music and discover how to add energy to your playing with timing. I’ll teach you a rhythmic vocabulary that helps you to feel the beats and offbeats?

By cultivating your inner drummer you will create music you’ve never played before and master the relationship between pulse, rhythm and timing.

"Intuitive language integrates into the subconscious mind"

The intuitive language of rhythm that Jelske teaches really does, with a little practice, quickly integrate into the subconscious mind and become a kind of sixth sense that one doesn't have to think about. I always suspected that the great improvisers aren't thinking when they're playing, and now I better understanding how they got there. I can't recommend this course enough!
Dan Kelly
guitar, USA

Boost your creativity!

Don’t learn more notes, learn more rhythm! And discover how to apply it to all kinds of music. Immediate benefits for your playing include:

And the best part? You don’t have to do this all by yourself. If you choose to participate in the 10-week online workshop, you’ll receive feedback from Jelske. Added to that, musicians from all over the world will join you: a tight-knit community of like-minded people to support you and help you build momentum.

Inside this course

This video contains some lesson examples of this course

Video tutorials with instructions, examples and assignments

13 video lessons (10 – 15 min each) with very clear homework assignments which tell you exactly what to practice. You can watch each video as many times as you like at your own convenience.

Extra audio tracks to practice together

Using the extra audio tracks, you and I can practice the rhythmical exercises from the lessons. This will help you internalize an intuitive language of rhythm.

High-quality jam tracks in popular styles

You’ll get access to IFR Jam Tracks level 3 and Jelske’s Feeling the Rhythm jam tracks. These jam tracks – in different popular music styles like pop, rock, jazz, funk – are fun to practice with and provide an organized, progressive study path.  All jam tracks are (downloadable) mp3 files.

Loads of repertoire examples

The course includes loads of repertoire examples to illustrate the rhythmic concepts from the video lessons. You’ll learn to recognize the rhythmic ingredients which you can then apply to your own playing too!

Personal feedback on your progress

If you choose to participate in the 10-week online workshop, you’ll receive feedback from Jelske.* Throughout the entire course, she will be available to answer your questions and listen to recordings of your playing. She will give you personalized advice and ideas to explore when you practice and she will challenge your creative development.

*The self-study course does not contain this option

You're not alone, join the group

If you choose to participate in the 10-week online workshop you won’t be alone! A community of like-minded students will help you stay on track and build momentum. You can ask questions, exchange ideas and listen to each other’s recordings of the exercises. It’s even possible to create co-productions together, which almost feels like you are jamming together in the same room!

*The self-study course does not contain this option

Live Q&A

If you choose to participate in the 10-week online workshop there will be several live Zoom sessions in which you can ask questions, discuss your progress and stay inspired. These sessions are recorded and can be watched again.

*The self-study course does not contain this option


You’ll receive IFR Jam Tracks level 3 in your own IFR account. As soon as you are ready for your next step, you can easily add the next set of jam tracks.

"Love this course"

I absolutely love the course. I’m learning tons and am using it in my playing.
Joe Schultz
guitar, United States

"Very inspiring"

I am very happy with the progress I have made in my awareness and in applying different rhythms. Thank you Jelske for the great course and your quality as an inspiring teacher.
Nancy Tonk
saxophone, Netherlands

Self-study course

$ 90

Start right away, at your own pace.

Most economical option.

10-week online workshop

$ 400

Started 12 May 2023. 10 weeks personal guidance in tight-knit community. 


What is the best option for me?

If you prefer to go through the video lessons at your own pace and do you not need any personal feedback, then choose the self-study program.

If you think you might benefit from personal feedback, a clear weekly practice program and input from others, then choose the 10-week online workshop.

Any questions?

You need time to repeat the exercises: ideally every day, but try to practice at least 3 times a week (approx. 1 hour). This will enable you to build momentum.

Absolutely! In the first lessons of this course you will get enough strategies to improve your sense of beat forever.

Yes! Dust off your 16th notes, improve your timing and boost your creativity. (Thank me in the end).

You don’t have to be around on the day the workshop starts. You can watch the video lessons at any time and participate during the week.

No problem. The Zoom sessions will be recorded, and you can watch the recordings at your own convenience.

"It helped to hear others who were doing the same assignment"

During the training it helped me enormously to listen to recordings of others who practised the same as I did. It gave me many new ideas. It always frustrated me how little rhythmic vocabulary I had. So far, what a fantastic training.
Tony Farrell
trumpet, United Kingdom

Give your creativity a boost! Connect with the pulse of music, discover how to add energy and intensity to your playing with ‘timing’ and learn a rhythmic language that helps you feel the beat, offbeats and syncopation instead of counting. Create improvisations you never thought of and feel more creative than ever before.

Self-study course

$ 90

Start right away, at your own pace.

Most economical option.

10-week online workshop

$ 400

Started 12 May 2023. 10 weeks personal guidance in tight-knit community.